The attorneys in the Beermann Business Law Group’s Appellate practice group have long been recognized highly in regularly briefing, arguing and advising on a wide variety of issues that arise at the appellate court level.

Our attorneys regularly serve as appellate counsel for individuals and corporations before the federal and state appellate courts of Illinois, including the Illinois Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals,

both in cases where we represented our client in the lower court and in cases where we have been brought in specifically because of our appellate experience and expertise. We work closely with trial counsel and our clients to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of potential appeals, and to present the best possible arguments on appeal to maximize the chances for success. 

Our skilled attorneys are extremely familiar with the intricacies of the appeals process and have efficiently and effectively navigated hundreds of appeals through the appellate courts. We understand what it takes to win on appeal: powerful brief writing, persuasive oral arguments, and mastery of the trial court record and appellate court rules.  We work collaboratively to develop persuasive arguments on critical issues that are thoroughly researched, clearly and persuasively written, and effectively delivered.