Business Litigation


When faced with critical, high-stakes disputes, clients turn to the litigators at Beermann. Why?

Outstanding strategic, practical and tactical judgment, extensive trial experience with proven results,

and the ability to manage costs with sensible rates and staffing.

That combination is why representatives of the insurance industry selected us to successfully challenge the constitutionality of a controversial law affecting the way insurance disputes are litigated; why we were asked to defend a company and its officers against claims of defrauding a shareholder, not only resulting in a dismissal of all claims, but an award of sanctions against the shareholder for bringing the action; why a seller of medical equipment retained us to pursue federal and state antitrust claims against a manufacturer in Federal Court; why a major mortgage lender retained us to defend it in significant class actions; why other attorneys and law firms retain us to represent them against allegations of unethical behavior or malpractice; and why major insurers, executives, manufacturers, property owners, franchisors, accounting firms, condominium associations, real estate developers, leasing companies, and banks, just to name a few, have retained us to represent their interests. It is also why the litigation team at the Beermann Business Law Group has been asked to step in and take over cases that other law firms were handling, when they have become particularly risky, complex or difficult.

Our litigators actually try cases—frequently. We regularly practice in State and Federal courts and before arbitrators and agencies. We handle appeals of cases that have been litigated by other lawyers. And we keep our litigation teams lean and responsive. We have found that a strategically focused team of knowledgeable and responsible people produce the best results, while keeping costs contained. Our litigation team focuses its litigation practice in the following areas:

Business Disputes/Breach of Contract Disputes
Beermann enjoys a national practice of representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial and business disputes. From private business professionals to large national and international corporations, our clients trust us to handle disputes that affect the core of their business and financial lives.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
The closest thing to a divorce or breakup is the demise of a business partnership. There are few things more traumatizing than watching demise of a business because the partners or shareholders have different visions. We have successfully litigated and mediated disputes between partners and shareholders that appeared irreconcilable. Where called for, we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights while at the same time preserving the goose that lays the golden egg.

Insurance Disputes
For several decades, the Beermann Business Law Group has represented insurance companies and agents in disputes both in court and before the Illinois Department of Insurance. Our experienced insurance litigators represent insurance companies in coverage disputes, as well as insurance related claims for breach of contract and fraud.

Employment Disputes
Our experienced employment attorneys defend businesses against allegations of wrongdoing brought by current, former or prospective employees both in state and federal court as well as state and federal agencies. Our attorneys will not only fiercely represent a company in an employment dispute, but will also provide guidance and counseling along the way. We have successfully defended businesses against allegations of violating the Family Medical Leave Act, Illinois Wage Payment Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all claims under Title VII. We also negotiate employee termination and severance agreements on behalf of companies and executives.

Construction Disputes
Attorneys in the Beermann Business Law Group represent real estate developers, architects, contractors and condominium associations in disputes involving allegations of faulty construction.

Legal Malpractice & Professional Responsibility
When called upon by our peers, our team represents lawyers and law firms in all aspects of the legal profession. In addition to counseling other attorneys on the ethical considerations of being a lawyer, we provide strategic and rigorous representation of clients bringing or defending legal malpractice claims. Our first goal is to preempt our clients’ professional problems through experienced advice and counseling. On those occasions when disputes do arise, we offer reasoned solutions. When peaceful resolution isn’t possible, we offer effective advocacy. Our attorneys are trusted by their peers to represent them before the Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission, an administrative agency of the Illinois Supreme Court charged with promoting and protecting the integrity of the legal profession. On their clients’ behalves, Beermann Business Law Group lawyers respond to ARDC inquiries, represent the client during the ARDC’s investigation, and, if necessary, nobly fight for the client before the ARDC’s Hearing and Review Boards, as well as the Illinois Supreme Court. The Beermann Business Law Group lawyers also represent both plaintiffs and defendants in connection with legal malpractice claims brought in state and federal courts.

We handle a variety of matters relating to false statements made orally published in print or on the internet. We aggressively pursue and defend actions for libel, slander, false light, and use of likeness for commercial gain.

Class Action Defense
The Beermann Business Law Group litigators are often called on by other attorneys to defend their interests against allegations of professional malpractice. We are humbled that many of our colleagues call upon us to assist them in their time of need.

Throughout the years, our firm has been at the forefront of Alternative Dispute Resolution-both mediation and arbitration. Many of our attorneys are trained as mediators and collaborative lawyers and have themselves served as arbitrators and mediators in business disputes. We regularly handle ADR proceedings for our clients in all areas of the law including construction, insurance, employment, business and contract disputes.