Child Custody

There is nothing more valuable to come out of a relationship than children.  Custody disputes, whether as part of a divorce or a parentage action, can be devastating to both parents and children.  As with any dispute, there are many options and alternatives in Chicago available to you if you are faced with a contested custody case.  At Beermann, our first approach is to try to resolve custody matters outside of contested litigation recognizing the destructive potential on families and children when custody is litigated through the courts.  Custody litigation in Chicago can be extremely costly and it can take a considerable amount of time to navigate through the court system.  We will explain your options, your rights, and possible solutions to avoid the expense and acrimony of custody litigation. 

Should custody litigation become necessary, the Beermann family law attorneys have extensive custody litigation experience to passionately represent your interests, both inside and outside of the courtroom.  Chicago custody litigation requires planning, strategy, and a complete understanding of the steps necessary to achieve the desired outcome.  Our philosophy is that we will always consider the best interests of the children as paramount in helping you to decide the strategy best for you and your family.