Divorce Litigation


If you find yourself facing the reality of divorce, you may feel powerless, fearful of your ability to manage the battle ahead or simply confused as to what steps to take to best protect yourself and your family.  However, you will find assurance and comfort in knowing that each Chicago divorce attorney at Beermann has the power, resources and reputation to fully protect your interests. 

The vast majority of Chicago divorce cases are resolved without the need for a trial, and we consider litigation to be a last resort.  Knowing that litigation can be tremendously expensive and acrimonious, we will first explore all strategies in hopes of preserving your family’s wealth and assets without incurring needless court expenses.  Beermann distinguishes itself in this regard in that it is important not only for you to understand what you can achieve through the litigation process, but at what cost to you to achieve those results. 

Being honest and innovative are hallmarks of a Beermann divorce attorney’s approach.

However, when all attempts at reaching a reasonable settlement or resolution to your divorce or family law matter has proven to be impossible, then the Beermann Chicago divorce litigation team stands ready to guide you in first assessing your options, and then developing a strategy and action plan to reach your goals and objectives in Court.  Beermann divorce attorneys will listen to you to understand and analyze your objectives and goals, and in formulating a strategy to reach those goals, will communicate with you what will be required to achieve your desired outcome.

At Beermann, success is measured by a standard set in connection with our client’s goals and objectives.  Beermann has a long and proud tradition of excellence in divorce litigation.  Beermann’s Business Law Group adds an unrivaled advantage in Chicago divorce cases involving business owners or self-employed individuals.  While other Chicago firms must outsource litigation help requiring business law, real estate law, estate planning matters and other forms of litigation often accompanying contested divorce litigation, Beermann boasts the only primarily family law firm in the city of Chicago to have litigation support services in house. 

We employ a unique team concept, efficiently utilizing the vast resources within the family law department, as well as the business law group when needed.  Working in teams allows for greater efficiency and cost savings, provides greater response time to clients in need, and allows our firm to staff any type of divorce litigation case, no matter the complexity or time mandates.  Beermann Chicago divorce attornys have successfully tried multi-million dollar financial cases, custody and removal cases, high-profile and celebrity divorces, as well as cases involving contested real estate issues, Prenuptial Agreements, support and maintenance cases and even the Appeals of such matters, with excellent results.