Post-Divorce Enforcement and Modifications

After a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage is entered and the parties are divorced, issues may arise with regards to the terms and/or rules set out in the parties’ Judgment, Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Joint Parenting Agreement.  For example, a spouse who is required to perform an act pursuant to the Judgment, who fails to do so, may be subject to a finding of contempt and/or other sanctions issued by a Judge. Often, a party who fails to comply with a provision of the Court’s Order is liable to the other party for his or her attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing the provisions of the Judgment.

Additionally, upon request of either party, the provisions of the Judgment related to child support, maintenance, custody or parenting time may be modified on a forward moving basis depending on the facts and circumstances of each situation.  If you have any questions regarding enforcement or modification of a previously-entered Judgment or Order, it is critical to speak with an attorney to preserve your right to any appropriate relief.