Sports & Entertainment / High Profile Division

The Family Law Sports and Entertainment Division serves our high profile clients and promises,

Just because your professional life is in the spotlight, doesn’t mean your personal life has to be.

Our department is based on three major tenets:

Personal Attention:

The personal attention that Beermann attorneys are able to give each client sets it apart from other law firms. Unlike other firms, our clients do not need to go through many people to talk to the person in charge. A team approach is in place so all clients have more than one attorney and a team of support staff available to talk to at any time. This model allows for personal attention for each client.


In practice for more than 50 years, the attorneys of Beermann’s Sports & Entertainment Family Law Division have encountered virtually every family law scenario imaginable. From complex financial matters in divorce cases to drafting involved Prenuptial Agreements and litigating issues of child support and visitation rights in paternity cases, the Beermann team has successfully resolved a myriad of family law cases without the media attention.

The experience of the Beermann Sports & Entertainment Family Law Division blends the best cutting-edge, aggressive, young lawyers with the wisdom, skill and understanding of more seasoned attorneys who have been in practice for many years. Regardless of you or your client’s family law issue, there is no matter too complex or too involved for the Beermann Sports & Entertainment Family Law Division to handle competently and discretely.


At Beermann, we understand that a messy divorce or other personal legal matter can unnecessarily steal the focus away from a client’s professional life. When private issues go public, the results may devastate a career. We believe that no person, regardless of their celebrity status, should have to see the most private details of his or her personal life splattered across newspapers, television and the internet for the world to watch as entertainment. For years, those in the public eye have sought out Beermann attorneys to handle their complex family law matters, because of our reputation for protecting the privacy of our clients at all costs, with excellent results.