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Highly regarded as one of the most prominent family law attorneys in Illinois, James M. Quigley has practiced family law in the Domestic Relations divisions of Cook County, Lake County and DuPage County for nearly 23 years.  Early in his career, James headed the family law department of a firm providing legal benefits for the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), representing a wide array of Chicago Police Officers, Chicago Firemen, Illinois State Police Officers and their families.  James developed strong and effective litigation skills early in his career, arguing custody matters, issues pertaining to pensions and deferred compensation plans, and property disputes in divorce.

Prior to becoming an equity partner at Beermann Law, James founded Quigley & Associates, PC, a full service family law firm representing a broad based clientele in divorce and related matters. In 2005, James merged his law firm with Beermann Law to surround himself with the talent and resources of one of the largest family law firms in Illinois, becoming the youngest partner of the firm at that time.  

Since 2005, Beermann has more than doubled in size and currently has approximately 45 full-time attorneys, fully capable of handling family law matters of any size or complexity. As a partner at Beermann, James has served as lead counsel on a substantial number of high-level divorce trials, achieving major victories in divorce cases involving disputes over custody and removal, sophisticated financial disputes, large child support and maintenance awards, business valuation disputes and dissipation of assets.

While James is recognized for his practical approach to dispute resolution in divorce and family law matters, his reputation has been built upon, and grown out of his trial advocacy and litigation skills in the courtroom. James combines an insatiable competitive spirit and fearless approach, with a willingness to litigate any divorce or family law matter when necessary to protect his client’s rights under the law. Paramount to James’ success as a trial lawyer is his uncanny ability to quickly assess any situation and develop and implement a successful strategy tailor-made to the individual client’s needs and desired outcome.

James founded Beermann’s Family Law Sports and Entertainment Division, which was born out of Mr. Quigley’s representation of a wide array of professional athletes, entertainers and other high-profile individuals such as Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan, R&B artist, R. Kelly and others. James identified the specialized and particular needs of individuals in this arena and has formed a practice group within the firm that addresses the unique aspects of these cases.  James strives to utilize the same level of discretion necessary for his high profile or celebrity clients, to all of his clients, regardless of their profession, as he understands the very personal nature of divorce and family law matters.

The staple of James’ practice has always been representing families, from business owners doctors, lawyers, accountants, software developers, and business executives, to police officers, firefighters, contractors, school teachers and others. It remains at the core of his practice to help families of every nature and kind, navigate through the complexities of divorce litigation and other family law matters in a manner targeted to achieve the best possible result for his clients, and at the same time, striving to preserve the family dynamic despite the emotional distress and trauma divorce can cause.

James has tried a number of sophisticated financial cases, but it is the custody and removal cases that often times create the greatest challenges for families.  Custody, visitation, and removal disputes can be particularly destructive to families, but at times necessary to ensure a parent’s right to enjoy his or her relationship with children born to individuals as part of a marriage or even outside of a marriage. James believes that a parent-child relationship, above all else, is the highest priority in a divorce or family law situation.  Issues such as whether a child should live with the mother or father, or whether a parent should be permitted to remove a child from the state of Illinois are some of the most difficult and challenging cases James has litigated throughout his career.

While James is most noted for his trial and litigation work, the majority of cases that he handles are settled short of trial.  It is fundamental to James’ approach to every case that trial should be avoided, if possible, due to the extraordinary cost associated with trying cases, as well as the tremendous emotional destruction that trial can have on families.  James strongly believes in the value of a negotiated settlement where individual litigants have some element of control as to the outcome of their financial or family disputes. 

One way in which James helps clients avoid the expense and acrimony of trial and contested litigation is through the utilization of prenuptial or premarital agreements, as well as postnuptial agreements.  Understanding the value of premarital negotiations, as well as how individuals can protect non-marital assets can alternatively save individuals substantial time, money, and emotional duress later in life.

James M. Quigley combines his vast experience, trial and litigation skill, strategic analysis, understanding of the law, competitive spirit and care and compassion for his clients that set him apart from his contemporaries and competitors in the area of divorce and family law.


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