Professional Philosophy


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Above all else, honesty and objectivity are at the core of my professional philosophy.  Inherent in the nature of family law is intense emotion and uncertainty.  It is very difficult for clients to navigate through the hurt and pain of a divorce, and be able to look beyond their current circumstances in order to envision life after divorce.  This is where an honest and objective strategy must be made clear from the beginning.

I have been involved in many cases throughout my career where it has become apparent to me that the opposing counsel has likely made promises to the other spouse that simply cannot be met. As difficult as it may be for a client to hear the truth of his or her circumstances, I believe an honest and upfront assessment is critical. While many lawyers may tell their clients what they want to hear in an effort to make them feel better in the short-term, this will end up costing them time and money in the long-run when it becomes apparent that these expectations simply cannot be met. Having candid discussions about the process, the expense, and the likelihood of success in a truthful and objective fashion is critical, in my opinion, for the fair and proper representation.

 In my own practice I have had situations where I have had disagreed with my own clients, because they may have wanted to pursue a particular course of action for a more emotional reason, as opposed to a logical or tactical reason. Ultimately, it is my job to steer a client in the direction that will put them in the best possible place both financially and with respect to the client’s children and family as a whole, regardless of whether they can understand that path while in the midst of such a difficult process.

 I have found it to be true that most people after a divorce has concluded, begin to see things more clearly and can truly begin to heal. Accordingly, I firmly believe that guiding my clients through a difficult family law process in an objective, honest manner with a clear strategy designed to achieve the best possible result and bringing the matter to its final conclusion, is one of the most important aspects of what I do as a family law attorney.


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