The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame (NIASHF) annual gala took place on November 9th. They announced inductees and honorees for the 42nd Annual Induction & Awards. Many previous inductees, members of the media and individuals of the sports world attended.

For the first time in the history of the NIASHF, a Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to 1981 inductee, Mario Andretti. This prestigious award bares his name to all who are selected for this honor in the future.

The Mario Andretti Lifetime Achievement Award is established as one of the highest awards an individual can receive from the NIASHF. It will be presented to a person who is a legend in their field, embodies the NIASHF values of Family, Friends, Faith and Community, and whose character, leadership and charitable efforts are comparable to those of Mario Andretti’s.

Featured in this photo are Divorce and Family Law partners Enrico Mirabelli, Katy H. Mickelson, Divorce and Family Law attorney, Justino Mirabelli, Lisa Friedman and the one and only Mario Andretti.