About Beermann

Beermann – an award winning law firm dominating the divorce and family law practice since 1958.

History of Excellence

Miles N. Beermann is highly regarded as an innovator in family law and one of the most experienced and respected attorneys practicing in this field. Miles, along with his late co-founder, Nathan B. Swerdlove, initially established a small neighborhood law office in 1958 on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The firm now has over 40 attorneys in two offices, serving clients throughout the state of Illinois.

Strength in Numbers

Every divorce is different and presents its own unique facts and issues. The size of Beermann, and its extensive resources allows the attorneys to customize a thoughtfully selected legal team for each client. In addition to the attorneys, Beermann’s experienced paralegals and staff are a vital part of each team. As a result, each client receives a level of attention and efficiency that is unmatched.

For over 60 years, Beermann LLP has provided clients with zealous representation in divorce and other family law matters with excellent results that has allowed the firm to grow into what it is today. Beermann consists of 40-plus top tier lawyers who advocate for clients and families so that they can move on with their lives with dignity, peace of mind and financial security. With a diverse team of attorneys, we have the resources to handle the largest and most complex cases. While always keeping our client’s matters private and always working with the utmost integrity, we frequently handle cases of well-known high net worth individuals and their spouses who are in the business community, sports figures, celebrities, and other professionals. We also represent everyday people from different backgrounds. The constant is how we treat each client: respect, integrity, high-quality client care, and excellent results. We are the firm called when everything is at stake. Whether it’s complex litigation to negotiated settlements, to appeals, our deep bench, talented lawyers, years of experience, reputation in the courts and passionate attorneys are here to serve each of our valued clients.


Named by U.S. News & World Report Best Family Law Firm

Our divorce lawyers are consistently recognized with awards for their excellence in practice.

In 2023, U.S. News & World Report awarded Beermann a Tier 1 ranking, a title reserved for the “Best Family Law Firms” in the state exhibiting the highest levels of skill, professionalism, and integrityThis marks the twelfth year in a row Beermann has received this prestigious designation, reflecting the highest degree of respect of other leading lawyers and clients in the legal community.

In addition to our U.S. News & World Report rankings, Beermann’s lawyers are consistently recognized for their work and professionalism in the field, receiving accolades by Leading Lawyers, Super Lawyers, the Law Bulletin, Crain’s Chicago Business, and many other legal and business publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no “one size fits all” approach to family law matters, but with the depth and experience of our attorneys, we are able to handle absolutely any family law case. Additionally, each client is an active participant in his or her case, understanding and approving each step throughout the process. At all times, clients are well informed with regard to the laws and possible outcomes so they have the tools to make decisions that are best for their family.

The length of a divorce proceeding depends on a myriad of factors, including how cooperative the parties are with each other or whether a client pursues resolution of his or her case through litigation, mediation, collaborative law or a different form of alternative dispute resolution. 

Asset complexities, family needs, parenting allocation (formerly known as child custody), and how many issues the parties are initially able to agree upon, all play into the length and complexity of the divorce. In the event the parties agree upon maintenance (formerly known as alimony), and all issues are handled outside of court, it may only take a few weeks thereafter to write up the settlement documents and appear in court. The duration of the divorce also depends on the opposing party, their attorneys, personalities and the general tenor of the case.

At Beermann, we work to educate our clients on the complexities of their particular case and avenues available to them. We then craft a case strategy to the client’s specific needs. Our experience allows us to resolve cases as expeditiously as possible while securing positive client outcomes. 

The cost of a divorce is the product of the amount of time the attorneys and staff spend working on a case, which depends on the circumstances of the case, including the complexity of the issues involved, the needs of the client and what resources are required to reach a resolution. Typically, all clients are billed at hourly rates with detailed statements describing the work done and correlating charges each month. Beermann utilizes a team approach, and we will always counsel clients on the most efficient and cost-effective way to resolve their case and achieve their goals. 

The term “custody” has been eliminated from the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and replaced with the term, “allocation of parental responsibilities,” which encompasses decision making and parenting time. Regardless of the nomenclature, there is no hard and fast rule determining which parent receives decision making and parenting time in a divorce or parentage action.
The court will take a holistic view and decide what is best for the child based on a number of factors, and our attorneys will work with you to navigate the complexities of child custody and passionately pursue the best possible outcome for your family.

Divorce procedures vary from case to case depending on the unique needs of each client and how they approach a resolution, but the overall general steps are as follows: One party files a petition for dissolution of marriage, which initiates a case. Either party may ask the court for temporary relief relating to parental allocation, financial support, and preserving marital assets. The other party is then served and must respond. Following that, the parties may attempt to negotiate a resolution, or, failing that, the case will make its way through court, culminating in a trial. The process ends with a finalized judgment, either negotiated by both parties or issued by a judge.

Beermann handles every type of family law case, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Custody (Decision-making)
  • Parentage and Paternity
  • Premarital Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Appeals
  • Modification of support
  • LGBTQ specific protection, pre and postnuptial agreements and “post-decree” issues (such as enforcement and modification), as well as appeals from such cases.

We also have extensive experience handling the needs of LGBTQ clients, ranging from the dissolution of partnerships to second-parent adoptions.