Understandably, individuals facing divorce are concerned about money and this includes limiting legal fees. Choosing the wrong attorney can result in larger fees and negatively impact the outcome of your case.

You need to give considerable thought to who you hire to represent you. The personality and philosophy of the attorneys involved in your case must not be overlooked. Civility among lawyers is crucial and is being encouraged now more than ever by the American Bar Association and Illinois courts. Cooperation even in litigation is required and in the best interests of the parties. Talk about civility with any potential attorneys before hiring them if you want to save money and have your case handled in the most efficient way.

While some clients mistake civility for weakness, choosing an attorney who is difficult and likes to needlessly fight will only increase your legal fees. A good lawyer will help you take the emotion out of your decisions, not encourage conflict. An attorney can be a zealous advocate without aggressive behavior.  Lawyers who are reasonable, respectful, rational, and civil achieve better outcomes. Your attorney can advocate for you while working cooperatively to achieve your goals. An overly aggressive attorney is often actually less effective and merely causes increased fees only to achieve the same result that could have resulted from a more agreeable approach.


Lesley A. Dable, Divorce and Family Law Partner

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