With all of the issues that have come up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are asking how COVID-19 restrictions such as school closures and a shelter-in-place order affect their parenting schedule and their right to parenting time with their children.

The Chief Judge of the Cook County Court issued an order on March 18, 2020, that a parent’s possession and access to their children under the regular parenting time schedule shall not be affected by the school’s closure and that such closure shall not be considered “a day off from school.”  Therefore, parents should continue to follow their respective parenting time schedule. 

Many parents are also concerned about what affect a shelter-in-place order will have on their parenting schedule as it appears that such an order will be issued soon in Illinois. If Illinois’ shelter-in-place order is similar to the one that has been issued in San Francisco, it is likely that the transportation of children to and from their parent’s homes to exercise parenting time under their parenting schedule will be allowed as an exception to the order.

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John M. D’Arco, Divorce and Family Law Partner