Congratulations to John M. D’Arco, Thomas T. Field, and Jordan D. Rosenberg on becoming certified financial litigators. While divorce attorneys are already adept at handling financial matters for their clients, this CFL designation is earned after an additional 14 plus hour financial training course offered through the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators. Attorneys who pass and receive this prestigious designation are specialized in financial issues related to divorce which include:

Forensic accounting, business valuation, financial statement analysis, tax return analysis, compensation issues and cash flow for purposes of support. Lawyers to begin with, go through enough schooling and have to pass the treacherous bar exam. This designation gives them even more credentialing. Following the rigorous coursework, these attorneys must take an additional comprehensive examination which, if passed, earns them the CFL designation.

What does this mean for a person looking for a divorce attorney? Hiring an attorney who also has a CFL certification ensures that your attorney can handle the complex financial issues necessary in your case.

There are only 10 attorneys with the CFL credential currently in Illinois, and 4 of them are at Beermann. Congratulations to John, Tom, Simul and Jordan on this prestigious recognition!