Partner Enrico J. Mirabelli attends the National Italian Sports Hall of Fame’s 43rd Annual Gala on December 10,2021, with Beermann Attorneys Joseph R. Napoli II, Robert J. Friend, Cory E. Oshita, and Marcus Dominguez.

Several individuals in the professional sports community were inducted into the NIASHF and Coach Tony La Russa was honored with the George Randazzo Heart of Sports award, and Tony Svanacini with the Sportsman of the Year award. Jerry Conlangelo was awarded the Andretti Lifetime Achievement award. The NIASHF also gave recognition to the late Tommy Lasorda and Tony Esposito

Photo credits from (Left to Right): Partner Joseph R. Napoli IIAttorney Robert J. FriendGeorge Randazzo Heart of Sports Recipient Coach Tony La Russa of the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball team, Partner Enrico J. MirabelliPartner Cory E. Oshita, and Attorney Marcus Dominguez.