If you are contemplating divorce, going through a divorce or would like to be educated on the divorce process and everything that goes into divorce, you are listening to the correct podcast. For over 60 years, Beermann LLP has been divorcing people from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with dignity and compassion. Beermann’s divorce lawyers consistently receive awards for their work on behalf of CEOs, entertainers, politicians, professionals or their spouses. It’s the divorce law firm that lawyers hire. Whether a case is simple or complex, Beermann divorce lawyers are hired because they get excellent results when everything is on the line. In Divorce Talk, you’ll hear Chicago Divorce lawyers speak on all topics from child custody, divorce litigation, mediation, the collaborative divorce process and everything in-between.

Millennials And Marriage

  Marriage as an institution appeals differently to different generations. On today’s show, Sandra Napoli-D’Arco and Beermann Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Leonidas L. Bezaniss II and Dominic G. Erbacci tackle Millenials and marriage. Getting into the legalities of marriage, they enumerate reasons why Millennials opt to postpone marriage. They

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Alcohol Abuse And Its Effect On Litigants When Divorcing

  Alcohol abuse is one of the most popular reasons for divorce or family wreckage. In this episode, Divorce and Family Law Partner Jared Pinkus and Divorce and Family Law Attorney Joseph Napoli II share their knowledge on alcohol addiction and its effects on litigants in the divorce process. Establishing

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Experts Used In The Divorce Process

  Divorce is a complex matter that involves different facets from parental and child-related matters to the financial-related issues, and they’re better addressed with a team of professionals that are experts in one aspect or another. Financials, for example, when one of the spouses have a closely held business, might

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Litigation Vs. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Different lawyers have different approaches in handling clients going through the rollercoaster of divorce. Beermann Divorce and Family Law Partners, Beth F. McCormack and James M. Quigley, walk us through the process of divorce and talk about what happens in open court proceedings or in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

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Marital Misconduct And Dissipation

While Illinois rules out marital misconduct as a factor or ground for dissolution of marriage, it can still affect other issues.  Dissipation is the use of marital funds by one spouse solely during the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Helping us understand the relationship between marital misconduct and dissipation are

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Agreeing On A Prenuptial Agreement

There are a lot of misconceptions that prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy. Prenuptial agreements can suit all types of clients depending upon their needs. As people get married later on life, they’ve established themselves in careers or have assets to protect. They might want to consider entering into

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