If you are contemplating divorce, going through a divorce or would like to be educated on the divorce process and everything that goes into divorce, you are listening to the correct podcast. For over 60 years, Beermann LLP has been divorcing people from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with dignity and compassion. Beermann’s divorce lawyers consistently receive awards for their work on behalf of CEOs, entertainers, politicians, professionals or their spouses. It’s the divorce law firm that lawyers hire. Whether a case is simple or complex, Beermann divorce lawyers are hired because they get excellent results when everything is on the line. In Divorce Talk, you’ll hear Chicago Divorce lawyers speak on all topics from child custody, divorce litigation, mediation, the collaborative divorce process and everything in-between.

How Co-Parenting Plays Out In Divorce

Co-parenting is the ability for parents to make decisions together. Co-parenting is a necessity, but when you get divorced, you need to determine if that’s even a possibility. Joining us to speak about co-parenting are Beermann Divorce and Family Law Partners, Kathryn Homburger Mickelson and Karen V. Paige. Kathryn has

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