Negotiation & Divorce Litigation

Most of Illinois’ divorce cases are resolved without the need for a trial, and at Beermann, we consider litigation to be a last resort. The process can be time-consuming, expensive, and acrimonious, and we will explore all alternative strategies in an effort to preserve your family’s wealth without incurring court expenses.

However, when reaching a reasonable settlement to your dispute outside of a courtroom proves untenable, Beermann’s stands ready to guide you in first assessing your options, and then developing a strategy to reach your goals in court. We will passionately advocate for you throughout the process and will counsel you every step of the way so you know what’s required to achieve your desired outcome.

What is negotiation & divorce litigation?

In litigation, both parties and their attorneys go before the court and present their case, in which evidence and witnesses are presented and a judge will make the final judgment. While judges do have some discretion, there is less flexibility than in an out-of-court negotiation. 

Who is a good candidate?

If the two parties cannot trust each other enough to negotiate in good faith, or their relationship is so acrimonious they cannot work together toward a solution, litigation may be the only way to resolve the dispute. Also in certain cases, one party may be unwilling to end the marriage, and the only avenue to ensure the process moves forward is to litigate.

What is the process?

Attorneys will review relevant documents and history to determine a strategy for obtaining favorable outcomes in asset division, maintenance, and parenting allocation, if applicable.

Both parties and their attorneys go before the court and argue their case. Evidence and witnesses are presented and a judge makes the final decision.