15 Beermann attorneys featured in the 15th Anniversary issue of Sheridan Road and the August issue of Hinsdale Living magazines; Premier Lawyer’s Issue.

Featured attorneys: Miles N. Beermann, Thomas T. Field, Beth F. McCormack, Katy H. Mickelson, Enrico J. Mirabelli, James M. Quigley, Morgan L. Stogsdill, Candace L. Meyers, Karen V. Paige, Shana L. Vitek, Joseph R. Napoli, Jordan D. Rosenburg, Lesley A. Dable, Madison H. Boland, Leonidas L. Bezanis II

Click on the attorney names to the features:

Miles N. Beermann   |   Thomas T. Field    |   Beth F. McCormack   |   Katy H. Mickelson   |   Enrico J. Mirabelli   |   James M. Quigley  |   Morgan L. Stogsdill   |   Candace L. Meyers  & Karen V. Paige   |   Shana L. Vitek   |   Joseph R. Napoli & Jordan D. Rosenberg   |   Lesley A. Dable  & Madison H. Boland   |   Leonidas L. Bezanis II