The global pandemic has impacted life in more ways than one, and the divorce process is not immune. While all court appearances, from a simple status to a contested trial, are typically conducted in person, covid-19 makes in-person court appearances impractical. Appearing in court via videoconference offers parties certain upsides that may outlast the pandemic. The most notable advantages of conducting court via zoom are as follows:

  1. Accessibility: Attending court in the midst of the pandemic is easier than ever if parties have access to a smartphone or computer. Parties can attend court from the comfort of their own home or office and avoid the commute to the courthouse. Streaming platforms have made attending court online straightforward and efficient.
  2. Efficiency: Attending court via videoconference allows attorneys to efficiently attend court from their office in half the time. Utilizing breakout rooms and the chat function can also minimize court time. These time-saving mechanisms can make court appearances more cost-effective and efficient for all involved.

While remote court appearances have upsides, complex hearings and trials should be conducted in person. However, brief court appearances conducted on the computer can offer parties the aforementioned benefits even after the pandemic. The pandemic causes uncertainty and stress, however, it has brought the courtroom into the twenty-first century, a change that is likely to outlive COVID-19.