Technology can be a wonderful tool, especially when it makes your life easier and less stressful. But who would have thought there would be an app for divorce?  Whether you have a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone, the following apps may be useful tools when dealing with the frustration and stress of the divorce process:

    1.  Illinois Child Support Calculator – Provides a general idea as to what a non-custodial parent’s child support obligation would be.

    2.  Parenting Apart – The app creators tout the purpose of said app to “ help separated and divorced parents take steps toward raising happy, confident and secure kids”.

    3.  Divorce Log – A calendar-based program that records divorce-related information all in one place.  Bonus: All entries stored can be emailed.

    4.  2Houses – Aids in the communication of divorced parents as it relates to their children and includes a shared digital calendar.  Bonus: If a schedule change is made, a notification will automatically be sent to the other parent to let him/her know.

    5.  Our Family Wizard – Provides the user the ability to access all child custody calendars, parenting time and visitation schedules, events, messaging and more from your iPhone or tablet. 

    6.  Illinois Legal Aid – A field guide to Illinois law for non-lawyers.

    7.  Zillow/Redfin – Both can be used as reference tools to obtain a general idea as to the home prices in your current neighborhood or in the neighborhood you may intend on moving to after the divorce.

Though these apps may and should be used as supplemental resources, they cannot replace the advice and guidance of an attorney with experience in the family law field as each case is separate and distinct.