Cory E. Oshita



“Your partner may have let you down, but I won’tMy preparation, dedication and passion will deliver results.”

About Cory E. Oshita

Cory understands that the uncertainty of divorce or separation can be scary and that is why he strives to ensure that his clients understand every step of the process. Cory believes that when the client is fully informed of the legal process and has any and all questions answered, it helps relieve the anxiety brought about by uncertainty.  

Cory has more than a decade of experience and has litigated hundreds of cases (real testimonials below). This experience has given Cory the ability to advise his clients on exactly what to expect throughout the process as well as identify any potential issues. Cory prides himself on being able to attack any legal issue in the manner that best suits his client’s specific needs. 

Cory understands that the life in front of you is far more important than the life behind you and his goal is to help his clients move past this difficult time and ensure that their futures are protected.

Cory has been a litigation attorney serving the legal needs of the people of Chicago and surrounding suburbs since 2008. Cory began his career litigating a variety of cases including family law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, and criminal defense at a prestigious boutique firm ran by the now mayor of Aurora. Cory then started and ran a successful family law practice in Chicago which he ran for the past 10 years prior to becoming a partner at BEERMANN LLP.

Cory spent many years serving as an Independent Hearing Officer, presiding over approximately 500 administrative hearings involving the Chicago Board of Education.

Cory has litigated hundreds of cases in the areas of Family Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Bankruptcy, and Small Business Disputes.

Cory also campaigned for Cook County Judge of the Circuit Court and was found to be “Recommended or Qualified” for position of Judge by: Chicago Bar Association, Cook County Bar Association, LAGBAC, Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois, Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Hellenic Bar Association, Puerto Rican Bar Association, and others.

  • J.D. – Chicago Kent College of Law – 2008
  • B.S. – University of Illinois at Chicago- 2005
  • Illinois, 2008
  • District Court for the Northern District of Illinois,2008
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 
  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Cook County Bar Association
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
  • Japanese American Bar Association
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • 2020 Cook County Judicial Candidate
  • Rated as “Recommended or Qualified” for position of Judge by:
  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Cook County Bar Association
  • Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago
  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
  • Decalogue Society of Lawyers
  • Hellenic Bar Association
  • Puerto Rican Bar Association

“Cory was always prepared and had superior trial skills. He is competent and an expert in his field. I felt that he cared about me as a client. He always treated me with respect and provided me with information I needed to make good decisions and prepared me remarkably for my case. I am glad that he was at my corner during an unpleasant time in my life.  The case was resolved and today I can say without reservation that I live a gratifying and enjoyable life.”

– L.M.

 “Mr. Oshita made me feel safe. That may be considered an odd word to use, but consider the following: I was trying to leave a very bad situation; I had never dealt with a lawyer before; and one doesn’t necessarily hear the best things about lawyers. And yet, throughout that process, I felt safe and protected as Mr. Oshita handled the case speedily. I felt like he was fighting for me in a fair and knowledgeable manner. I will forever be grateful to him for his expertise, and I readily recommend him to whomever requests a recommendation.” – J.M.

“In Aug of 2016 I filed for divorce . My attorney was not doing her job professionally. My ex was using every stalling tactic and nothing was being done. I then hired Mr Oshita and within 3 months, my divorce was finalized. Cory was always available to answer any questions and concerns, no matter how many times I called or emailed him. I have also recommended him to a friend and he is doing another stellar job representing him.” – A.S.

“I was seeking custody of my 14 year old daughter, Alessandra, at the time. Mr. Oshita quickly got us a court date and on the first appearance before the judge, I obtained temporary custody of my daughter. From that point on, I never lost custody of her and eventually the temporary order became permanent. Mr. Oshita charged a fair price for his services, and went above and beyond what I had expected from him. He communicated all processes effectively and efficiently. I was very happy with the service that Mr. Oshita provided, and have recommended him to others.” – J.M.

 “Mr. Oshita has represented me in multiple actions in the same post decree case over the past 6 years.  One of Mr. Oshita’s most impressive skills is his ability to understand the case and prepare himself for the case.  This allows him to repeat facts when appearing in court and represent his client accurately.  Far too many times, I have witnessed attorneys taking limited notes and then “winging it” while in court.  This is one area where Mr. Oshita truly rises above many of his peers.”    – L.W.

 “Mr. Oshita understands the stressful nature of litigation and has made himself available to me as a client at all times.  He has made himself after hours on numerous times and consistently kept me updated on the status of my case.” – T.M.

“You made a devastating part of my life better and relieved a great
amount of stress. I Knew from the beginning you had a sense of what I
was going through and your compassion and kindness was displayed every
step of the way with my case. All the work done for me surpassed my
expectations and I feel very fortunate to have had you represent me.” – N.F.

“I came to Cory during a very difficult time in my life. With two young children and no financial help, feeling hopeless. He treated me with the upmost respect and advised that he would be able to help and resolve many of the issues I was having. You hear horror stories of attorneys who only care about getting paid and not about the client, so it was a breath of fresh air learning that Cory was not only professional, but cared to see that justice was served. Cory was able to able to build a professional relationship with me, resulting in my trust in him and his abilities as an attorney. He understood my needs as a single mother of two small children and worked extremely hard to help me. With his knowledge of the law, his hard worth ethic, and genuine personality , all my worries and stress was put to ease.” – M.C.

“In my opinion he saved my two kids lives” – A.B.

“Cory made me feel supported. Divorce is never an easy process and Cory helped me feel “normal” and empowered through the case and even with his assistance in my follow up questions years after the case ended.” – M.F.

“My case was resolved in a timely fashion and I couldn’t of done it without the help of Cory Oshita, very competent attorney that knows all aspects of law. Thanks to Cory I gained full custody of my children and received child support for my children.”- F.N.

“Cory always found the time to answer my questions.  Whether I called him, emailed or text him Cory was available.  In the rare event he was unavailable, his follow-up communication was quick. Cory is extremely knowledgeable of the law. His explanations of it and what I was to expect were thorough and precise.  Cory was very transparent and never held any information back.  Hands down I recommend Cory to anyone and everyone I encounter.” – Z.D.

“I am extremely happy and appreciate Mr. Oshita for taking the time to actually get to know me and my exhusband as clients so that we could, in the end, successfully go our seperate ways, do what’s best for ourselves and the children, and be civil to eachother. I recommend him to anyone who is in a similar situation. He is a kind man who listens to what people are saying and their needs. I wish there was more of that just in the world in general. He is an asset that I feel is definitely worth more than I’m sure he gets credit for.”- J.G.

“First time walking into Mr Oshita’s office I felt a very warm welcome that made me feel very comfortable, so comfortable I felt like I knew him for years! Very down to earth gentleman. I never felt like it was just about business or about my money. It was all about my situation and what we can do to resolve this matter as soon as possible. He was very organized. I was promised that the case wouldnt be dragged along and boom! It was done in 1 court appearance. I couldnt be any more pleased! Highly recommended him to several people!” -J.T.