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“My goal is to help each client efficiently attain a resolution that gives them peace of mind, both in the short term and long term.”

About Jessica Winkler Boike

Ms. Boike, a partner in the family law group at Beermann LLP, has dedicated her career exclusively to family law. Throughout her years of practice, Ms. Boike has learned that listening to her client’s needs and goals and taking the time to educate those clients is just as important as advocating those needs and goals in mediation, the court room, or elsewhere. Ms. Boike’s primary objective is to efficiently provide her clients peace of mind, both in the short term and the long term. She taps into her mediation training and litigation experience to promote creative resolutions to matters that seem impossible to bring to a successful conclusion.

Ms. Boike has been recognized time and time again for her practical approach to resolving disputes while simultaneously zealously advocating on behalf her clients. Specifically, Ms. Boike was honored with designation as one of the 40 Under 40 Attorneys by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in 2018. Further, she has been named a Super Lawyer for the last three years. Additionally, Ms. Boike has been named an Emerging Lawyer, a designation given to fewer than 2% of the attorneys in Illinois, for the last five years.

Ms. Boike, a Partner in the Family Law Group at Beermann LLP, has dedicated her career, handling a wide range of family law issues, including the allocation of parental responsibilities (formerly child custody and visitation), child support, maintenance, property division, complex financial matters, tax consequences, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, restraining orders and orders of protection.  She believes providing her clients a thorough education as to what he or she may or may not be entitled to is one of the most effective strategies in efficiently bring fruition to her client’s goals and needs. Ms. Boike takes the time necessary to ensure each and every client understands their options and provides each client creative and unique remedies to bring forward a successful resolution. 

In doing so, although Ms. Boike is a seasoned and tenacious litigator. She first attempts to secure favorable results for each client through negotiation and open communication. To the extent possible, Ms. Boike believes the clients, not the attorneys, should make the decisions relative to their children and/or finances. She taps into her extensive mediation training to facilitate such communication with the goal of yielding a successful resolution while preserving the relationship between the parties when able, especially for co-parents.

Further, Ms. Boike is able to provide a priceless perspective as to child-related issues as she has been approved to represent children in domestic relations matters as a guardian ad litem or child representative in the Domestic Relations Division of the Cook County Circuit Court. Her experience in representing children within the Domestic Relations Division coupled with her undergraduate degree in psychology and being a parent herself, enables Ms. Boike to provide a dynamic approach to all child-related matters.

Ms. Boike understands not all cases can be resolved in a collaborative manner and has over a decade of litigation experience that is accessed when necessary. For her work in the field, she has been named a Rising Star in the area of Family Law by Super Lawyers Magazine, a designation reserved for the top 2.5% of all Illinois attorneys under 40.

  • J.D., with honors, Chicago-Kent College of Law, 2007
  • B.S., University of Illinois, 2004
  • Illinois, 2007

  • United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, July 2007

  • Top 40 Illinois Attorneys Under 40 to Watch, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 2018

  • Super Lawyer, 2018 to present

  • Emerging Lawyer, 2016 to present

  • 40 Under 40, The National Advocates, 2015

  • 10 Best Female Attorneys, American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, 2017

  • Rising Star, 2012

  • “Benefits of Mediation in Family Law Disputes,” Chicago Bar Association, 2020

“Retaining Jessica was the BEST decision I have ever made!!!! There are no words to describe just how amazing Jessica is, but I’ll try my best! I met Jessica, after meeting with multiple other lawyers, when my son’s father hired a lawyer, convinced him that I was a terrible mother by making outrageous claims that were completely fabricated, and then got a judge to sign an order granting him temporary custody of our son- and this was all done without my knowledge!!! I couldn’t believe what was happening, or HOW something like this was possible, or even legal for that matter! I had to wait almost a week before I could see my son; he was 5 years old and I had never gone even 2 full days without seeing him. It was torture, a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. During that week (which was the longest week of my life), when I wasn’t crying and asking for my baby, I met with some lawyers. It was disappointment after disappointment. None of them met my expectations, for various reasons…. Until I met Jessica Winkler Boike. I knew after just a one hour consultation that I had finally found the lawyer I had been praying for. The order was dismissed within days. Court continued for months and months as my son’s father continued to lie about various issues causing us to be in court more times than I could count. However, every time we walked out of that courtroom, it was a win for us. I am not exaggerating- Every Single Time. We eventually ended up going through a trial because he wanted sole custody of our son- for reasons that are still a mystery to me. I didn’t want to put ourselves and our son through this emotional trauma. All I wanted was to be successful co-parents with joint custody of our son. But unfortunately, all he wanted was to make all decisions regarding our son on his own and would do any and everything, including lying, to make that happen. He didn’t agree with me on anything and my hands were tied; one of us was going to be granted sole custody. After years of dealing with everything that was thrown at me, going to court time and time again, and finally going through a very long and emotional trial, the judge not only granted me sole custody of our son, but was also ordered to pay $30,000 of my lawyer fees! It was a bittersweet victory. Throughout the years of going through this emotional trauma, Jessica was always there for me. Always. She fought for and treated me like I was a part of her family. Jessica is a compassionate, fair, intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, honest, and all around incredible human being who is unbelievable at her job. I know that may sound over the top, but I am not exaggerating. In fact, this review doesn’t even do her justice. As I said before, there are no words to truly describe her, not only as a lawyer, but as a person as well. She goes above and beyond and never ceases to amaze me. I thank God for her and what she has done for me every single day. I began this difficult journey sad and alone, and ended it with overwhelming joy and a lawyer who never made me feel alone. Whatever your specific situation may be, I guarantee you that you will not find a better lawyer. Hiring her was the best decision that I ever made. I have since recommended her to my husband, who needed a child custody/family lawyer in a case with his son. I told him that he needed to retain Jessica Winkler Boike because no other lawyer will even come close to comparing with her. Jessica proved to him as well that she is the very best at what she does; the outcome in that case exceeded his expectations and he is so very thrilled with the results! I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but just hire her and see for yourself! You will be so happy you did!!!”

Steven and Hillary

“Jessica was so easy to work with – hired her for drawing up a prenup agreement: appointments were easy to set up, and she was so authentic, genuine, approachable, and responsive. She was knowledgeable and explained everything in detail, and was anticipatory in planning things that I would have otherwise not thought of. She was also respectful and sensitive to my fiancé, even though she did not represent him, and I appreciated that, given the circumstances. Am really so grateful to her for her services, and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a prenup done!”


“Jessica assisted me with the creation of the prenuptial agreement prior to my wedding. The other attorney drafted the agreement and Jessica assisted with the edits and development of the final agreement. Jessica is very organized and personable. I appreciate the time she spent with me reviewing the document and listening to all of my questions and concerns. She raised some very good points during the negotiation that my future husband and I were not thinking about. She has a calm demeanor and is easy to work with. Jessica is also a great person. She was genuinely excited for me regarding my upcoming nuptials and wanted to know the details of the wedding. I enjoyed working with Jessica on a very difficult topic”


“Jessica was the go-to person in my divorce. I found her to be accessible whenever I needed her opinion or advice. She was extremely thorough and professional. Always concerned about cost, she offered ideas that would be effective and less costly. Her demeanor was calm, collective and very focused. Her negotiating skills were exemplary and her experience obvious. I always found her to be at the top of her game. She understands the law and how best to apply it….I always felt she had my back and looking out for my best interest. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a bright and knowledgeable attorney.”


“Jessica represented me in a nearly 5-year divorce and child custody dispute. She brought an experienced knowledge of the law and strategic acumen to each court appearance. Jessica knew which lines of argument to pursue and what efforts were not worth pursuing. She kept me well informed and understanding of developments in the case and represented me quite well when I could not attend hearings. She handled interactions with opposing counsel and my former spouse in a very professional manner. When I needed someone to aggressively argue for my interests in court, Jessica was there. She had a good understanding of the judge’s mindset and skillfully presented her arguments to him. At no point did she ever lose favor with the judge. In the end, her representation enabled me to disprove false abuse allegations made against me and ultimately win full custody of my children. She also argued a very equitable divorce settlement, fair but favored toward my interests. She never lost sight of the importance of doing what was in the children’s best interests either. “


“I totally love this woman! Eight years ago, I had the honor of meeting Jessica and while expecting to only find an attorney, I also found a friend. Besides being extremely knowledgeable in what she does, she is kind, caring and compassionate. My divorce was one of the most difficult times of my life and Jessica took the time to be patient with me, lending her shoulder to cry on and truly listening to my worries and concerns. She wanted to get to know me and my boys better so that she could help me to make the correct decisions at a time when it is hard to think with a clear head. Everything turned out just as I wanted, even better than I’d expected and I owe it all to her. There is nobody else that I would recommend or trust more than Jessica Winkler Boike. She is a real gem and an asset to her firm.”


“Jessica was not the primary lawyer in my case, but she did most of the work. Jessica and Thomas Field took the case just two months before the trial. I had three lawyers prior to Jessica, and the last lawyer quit on me. The preparatory work like depositions, hiring of vocational expert, estimating the value of the house etc was not done. She managed to finish all this work in short period of time and the rial was successfully held on time. My case was very difficult since my ex claimed all kind of things about me. You can imagine what by the fact that my passport was taken from me as other side attorney managed to convince judge that I am a flight risk. However, Jessica and Tom managed to turn the case around and finally we settled, but not before a full day of trial.
I highly recommend Jessica and her firm. They are not cheap, but they are worth every penny you pay to them. Had I have this team from beginning, my divorce would be over in 6 months, not 1.5 years as it did.”


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