The Family Law Firm That Cares

“The Family Law Firm That Cares” is displayed prominently on our home page. We chose these words both to define our philosophy of client service since 1958, when the firm was founded by Miles N. Beermann and Nate Swerdlove, and as a mission statement for the way we will continue to serve the clients who place their trust in us.

When hiring a divorce lawyer, you’re taking a leap into uncharted waters. You will have many questions, concerns and fears at the start of the process. How do you decide who to hire?

The decision is daunting due to the stakes. We understand. The decision to hire a lawyer should be made with confidence, and at Beermann we are confident that our over 60 years in this business has made us worthy of the trust and faith placed into our hands by thousands of clients.

So, what earns Beermann the right to say that we are: 

“The Family Law Firm That Cares”?



The way in which we practice is holistic and unique. We care about how the decisions in your case will affect you and your family both now and into the future. We care about helping you through the process as efficiently and painlessly as possible. We care about preserving your assets to ensure your financial security. We care about keeping the lines of communication open and providing honest and straightforward advice. We care about earning your trust and keeping it.

Our promise to you is that we will strive to successfully guide you through the divorce process with our legal expertise, taking positions that are reasonable and in your best interest, helping you select peaceful alternatives to court if possible, and always representing you with passion, ethics, integrity and the highest level of performance, professionalism and service. 

Beermann LLP is the Family Law Firm That Cares